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eBook Workshops

22 Dec

ebooksCombo_264x70Did you get a new tablet, smartphone or eReader recently? Yes? Great! Head over to our eBooks page and take a look at all of the FREE eBooks, audiobooks and magazines you can access with your library card. There are tens of thousands of titles for you to checkout, download and read!

If’ you would like to learn more about all of the things you can download from the library come to one of our eBook Workshops in January. Library staff will introduce you to the different ways you can download eBooks, audiobooks and magazines. No registration required! Just bring your curiosity, library card and your device if you have one.

North Park– Monday, January 5, 6pm
Sandston – Thursday, January 8, 2pm
Twin Hickory – Monday, January 12, 6pm
Tuckahoe – Thursday, January 15, 6pm
Dumbarton – Wednesday, January 21, 2pm
Glen Allen – Thursday, January 22, 2pm
Fairfield – Monday, January 26, 2pm
Gayton – Wednesday, January 28, 2pm
Varina – Thursday, January 29, 2pm

New OverDrive

9 Apr

Are you an eBook reader? If so,  we have some news for you. OverDrive (one of the companies we work with the provide eBooks) is updating their service. We mentioned this a few months ago but, at that time, we didn’t know when we would be getting the update. Well, now we know. We will be getting the update – The week of April 15th.

What does this mean?

1.Our OverDrive site will look completely different.

To get an idea of what the new site will look like take a look at Chesterfield’s OverDrive site.

2. New Filtered Search

The search experience has been improved. You will have the ability to narrow searches by format, subject, publisher, language and by age.

3. One-step check out

One of the improvements we like is the in the checkout process. Currently, you have to choose the format you want then check out the title. The new system reverses that. You check out the book then select the format.We think this is an improvement that should make things a little easier.

4.New READ format

OverDrive is introducing a new eBook format, called READ, in addition to the current eBook formats they currently offer. It is browser based so you don’t have to download the eBook to a computer or the OverDrive app to read. Not all of the eBooks in our collection will be available in this format but most will be.

More info & a demo

OverDrive has placed the image to the right on our OverDrive site to let people know that things will be changing soon. Clicking on it will take you to a page that explains things.

If you want a quick explanation take a look at the video below.

eBook Clinics and Consultations

19 Dec

eBooks ImageAre you planning to buy a tablet, smartphone or eReader for someone this holiday season? Do you think you may be getting a tablet, smartphone or eReader?

Yes? Maybe?

One of the first things you should do with your shiny new gadget is head over to our eBook page and see what you can get FOR FREE from the library. We have thousands of FREE eBooks and downloadable audiobooks you can checkout and read (or listen to) on most of those shiny gadgets!

For anyone new to library eBooks we will be holding a series of eBook Clinics and Consultations during the months of January, February and March.

The eBook Clinics will be informal workshops where our staff will demonstrate how to use the library’s eBook resources on a variety of devices. If you’d like a quick introduction to the library’s eBooks then you may want to attend one of these sessions. No need to register, just bring your gadget and your questions.

The eBook Consultations are one on one sessions with our Emerging Technologies Librarian. He will help answer questions specific to you and your device. Space is limited for these so register as soon as you can.

We want to help you get the most out of your new device. Using the library’s free eBook services are just one way to do that.

OverDrive Changes

11 Dec

If you are an eBook reader or downloadable audiobook listener then we have some news for you. The people at OverDrive have been working hard on upgrading their service and are in the process of rolling it out. We don’t know exactly when we will get the upgrade but wanted you to know that it was coming and what to expect.

They are calling it The Next Generation Digital Library Platform. It will be a significant change.

The first thing you’ll notice is the look of the site. It will look completely different so it may take a while to get used to it. The North Carolina Digital Library was upgraded yesterday. When our site is upgraded it will be similar to theirs.

The other big change is how books can be read. They are introducing a browser based system for reading that should simplify the reading process for many people. They call it OverDrive Read. It works in most internet browsers so it should work on computers, tablets and smartphones very well. All of the current options for reading eBooks from the library will still be available too.

OverDrive has made an introductory video explaining many of the new features. Once our site is upgraded you will be able to use all of these features!

We’ve got a new eBook service

26 Sep

We’ve added another eBook service for you! Our friends at the Library of Virginia have provided this service to libraries across the state and we are very happy they did. It’s called Freading and it has added thousands of ePub eBooks for you to check out, download and read. The best part…no holds.

Interested? Here’s what you need to know.

  • If you have been using OverDrive there is nothing new to download or install.
    • Freading uses the same Adobe system to deliver eBooks.
  • Checkouts work via a ‘Token’ system.
    • At the beginning of each week (Monday morning) you will receive five tokens (virtual currency) which you can exchange for eBooks at a cost of 1, 2 or 4 tokens per eBook.
    • Loans are two weeks and they can be renewed for two more weeks.
      • Most renewals do not cost any of your weekly tokens but some do.
  • Freading works with many popular devices like:
    • Apple iPhones and iPads via the Freading or OverDrive apps.
    • Android phones and tablets via Freading or OverDrive apps.
    • ePub eReaders (Nooks, Sony, and more) using Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.

Want more information? Take a look at our Freading page. We’ve got a lot of information there.

To get started go to http://henricolibrary.freading.com.

Libraries, Publishers, eBooks & You

10 Feb

We wanted to let you know about a (very) recent development regarding our digital collection. As of today (2/10), Penguin (publisher of popular authors like Nora Roberts, Ken Follett, Charlaine Harris and many others) will no longer offer copies of their eBooks and audiobooks to be purchased by libraries via OverDrive.

What does this mean?

Basically, it means that we will not be able to buy any more eBooks from Penguin. They have joined other ‘Big 6’ publishers Simon & Schuster and Macmillian in not letting libraries lend the eBooks they publish. We would love to be able to lend their eBooks, unfortunately we can’t.

What about the books the library has already purchased?

They will continue to be available. One BIG difference, however, is how Kindle editions are handled. According to an email from OverDrive, eBooks published by Penguin will no longer be available for over-the-air delivery via Wi-Fi. People with Kindles who want to read eBooks published by Penguin will have to download the title and transfer it to their Kindle via a USB cord. We’re not sure how this will work yet. We will be learning along with you.

The eBook segment of the publishing world is in the very early stages of development. It will continue to change as publishers, book sellers, and libraries experiment with new ways to provide eBooks to you. We will continue do our best to provide the books you want in the format you prefer.

eBook Clinics

16 Nov

Are you interested in eBooks? Don’t know what to make of this format? Thinking about buying an eReader for someone this year? Have an eReader but not sure how to use our digital collections? Well, we’ve got something for you!

Beginning next Monday we will be hosting eBook Clinics at each of our libraries. These clinics are an informal way for you to ask your questions about eBooks and eReaders. Library staff will be available to answer your questions.

Monday, November 21, 2pm-4pm @ Sandston

Tuesday, November 22, 2pm-4pm @ Glen Allen

Monday, November 28, 6:30pm-8:30pm @ Varina

Tuesday, November 29, 6:30pm-8:30pm @ Dumbarton

Wednesday, November 30, 2pm-4pm @ North Park

Tuesday, December 1, 6:30pm-8:30pm @ Tuckahoe

Tuesday, December 13, 2pm-4pm @ Fairfield

Wednesday, December 14, 6:30pm-8:30pm @ Twin Hickory

Hope to see you there!