Thank you for attending All Henrico Reads with Reyna Grande!

12 Apr

download (1).jpeg

Thank you to the hundreds of Henrico area residents who attended All Henrico Reads with Reyna Grande last night.  Reyna gave a masterful talk that began by describing what the “distance” in The Distance Between Us meant for her.  In the end, Reyna brought all of us closer together by focusing on not just the metaphorical distance, but what all of us share.  She discussed such common values as family, passing our heritage and history on to our children, and the importance of education.

We were also lucky to hear a new essay by the author entitled “A Migrant’s Story.”  The essay drew a parallel between the journeys of Monarch butterflies and our country’s many immigrants, including Ms. Grande, and chronicled moments between the author and her daughter that were heartfelt and hopeful.

We hope that you had as great an experience as we did at this year’s All Henrico Reads.  Many thanks to all attendees, Reyna Grande, the Friends of Henrico County Public Library, Henrico County Public Schools, and to our library staff workers.

See you next year!


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