How much power do those appliances use?

27 Jun

Ever wonder how much energy your lamps use? How about your television? Your computer? Want to save some money?

We’ve got just the thing to help you do all of those things. It’s a Kill A Watt energy meter and we have over a dozen you can check out and use to monitor your energy usage.

Just plug the Kill A Watt into an electrical outlet then plug  anything you want to measure the power consumption of (TV, refrigerator, lamp etc.) into the Kill A Watt and use the thing you are measuring normally.

After a few days check the Kill A Watt’s display and write down the information you see when each button is pressed then it’s time to do some math. The Department of Energy has a good explanation of how to translate the information from the Kill A Watt into dollars and cents. The knowledge you’ve just gained may help you save some money.

Take a look at the video below for more about how the Kill A Watt works.


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