Summer Reading Club 2013 Prize Drawing Winners!

What a summer we had! There was music, games, crafts and lots and lots of reading. We had a lot of fun and have already started planning for next year. We’d also like to give special thanks to our wonderful Friends of the Library, the Children’s Museum of Richmond, Chik‑fil‑A, and Jason’s Deli, who all helped make this year’s Summer Reading Club great!

By the last day of Summer Reading Club—August 31st— 5186 people had reached their reading goal:

  • 3199 Kids met their goal of 10 books read, hours read, or programs attended
  • 727 Teens met their goal of 5 books read or programs attended
  • 1260 Adults met their goal of 5 books read or programs attended

Each participant who met their goal was entered into three drawings for great prizes like iPad Minis and gift cards. We just completed our prize drawings, and there are 45 lucky winners!

We are in the process of notifying all the winners directly. Congratulations everyone! If you didn’t win a prize, don’t worry, there’ll be another Summer Reading Club next year. It will be just as fun!

This year’s winners are:

Systemwide Grand Prize Winners

  • Adults iPad Mini Winner: Mary S., a patron of Mobile Library
  • Teens iPad Mini Winner: Damarcus G., a patron of North Park
  • Kids iPad Mini Winner: Joy T., a patron of Fairfield

Branch Drawing Winners


  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Larson G.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Edwin S.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Veda K.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Collin H.


  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Antone T.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Judy F., Rose B.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Indya M.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Asa T.


  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Emily G.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): John M.-T.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Nancy T.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Rachel P.

Glen Allen

  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Wesley K.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Sarah S.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Sarah R.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Carmia B.

Mobile Library

  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Marian S.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Thelma K.

Municipal Government & Law

  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Donna S.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Lisa P.

North Park

  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Charlotte B.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Sandra H.-J.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Amanda R.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Christian A.


  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Hailee K.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Jane K., Marc W.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Bree R.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Cassidy L.


  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Reid S.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Laura L.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Emily M.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Jack K.

Twin Hickory

  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Shirley L.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Eileen W.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Amy W.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Claire G.


  • Branch Tech Prize (iPad Mini): Mariah J.
  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Elaine P.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Dakota G.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Katey B.

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