Faking It: A Look at the History of Art Forgery

The motives behind forging art are simple. Art objects are often worth a great deal of money, and those who want to buy them can’t always recognize the difference between an original and an imitation.

Some of the most interesting and outrageous episodes in the history of collecting art have been instigated by forgers and their victims. “Faking It: A Look at the History of Art Forgery,” presented by Dr. Donald Shrader, professor of Art History at the University of Mary Washington, details forgery from ancient Rome until modern times. His presentation will include scandals involving artists as famous as Michelangelo, and stories of forgers who bested some of the great collectors and museums of modern times.

Consider joining us at Tuckahoe Area Library on Thursday, June 20, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. for what promises to be a enlightening and entertaining glimpse into a fascinating subject. (Sponsored by the Friends of the Tuckahoe Library and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)

(post by Mike @ Tuckahoe)