Discovering Richmond Monuments

Visit the Twin Hickory Library on Tuesday, June 18th at 7:00pm to discover some fabulous outdoor artwork around Richmond that you may have missed. Local historian Bob Layton will introduce his new book, Discovering Richmond Monuments: A History of River City Landmarks Beyond the Avenue, and present stories and photographs of fascinating monuments in surprising places.

Maybe you’ve toured the well-known statues that line Monument Avenue, but have you seen the lesser known monuments located throughout Richmond?  At the entrance to the Morton Library at Union Presbyterian Seminary, there is a gargoyle with an oddly human face.  It bears a striking resemblance to former professor and seminary librarian Dr. John B. Trotti and was added to the building to honor Dr. Trotti when he retired.  Travel into the past with author Layton as he reveals Richmond’s captivating history through its often overlooked monuments.

The book will be available for sale and there will be opportunity to have it signed by the author.

(post by Hillary @ Twin Hickory)