Henry Box Brown

20 Feb

On Tuesday, February 26th at 2:00 p.m., Friends of the Tuckahoe Library will host the program Henry Box Brown: Famous Fugitive, Trans-Atlantic Performer.

Henry Brown escaped from slavery by shipping himself in a box from Richmond to Philadelphia. This bold feat was only the first act of a remarkable career.

“Resurrected” from the box as Henry Box Brown, he appeared at antislavery meetings as a singer and speaker. In 1850, Brown produced a moving panorama, a kind of giant painted scroll presented in a theater, called Mirror of Slavery and toured it around New England and then across the Atlantic.

Jeffrey Ruggles, author of The Unboxing of Henry Brown, provides a glimpse of the life that became a symbol of the Underground Railroad. Join us for this signature Black History Month presentation.

(post by Karen @ Tuckahoe)

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