Before There Was Me

13b4MeAs a tie-in to this year’s All Henrico Reads featured book, The Shoemaker’s Wife, we would like to compile a gallery of pictures building on the books theme of where we come from, and especially, how those before us made their way.

Do you have any pictures of your parents, grandparents or other relatives that were taken before you were born, or were very young? Would you like to share them with us? We will post several of the pictures we receive to a Facebook photo album for the community to see.

If you’d like to share a picture (or two) feel free to include the names of the people in the picture, their profession, their relationship to you and where/when the picture was taken. You don’t have to provide all of that information, give us as much as you’d like. We’ll use it as a caption to your picture.

Interested? Send us an email with your picture(s) as an attachment and Family Photo in the subject line. We look forward to seeing your pictures!