Meet The Staff – Dumbarton Area Library Manager

The Dumbarton Area Library Manager is Deborah Lammers.

3 words to describe Dumbarton Area Library are: 

  • Friendly
  • Casual
  • Aapproachable.

Why is Dumbarton Area Library great?

  • Our community.  I have worked in several branch libraries, and this is my favorite community.  People here are generally patient and kind.  They will hold the door for you if your hands are full or turn in your wallet, untouched, if you accidentally leave it.  If we are busy or short-staffed, they don’t mind waiting.  Dumbarton Library members are just a nice group of people and I enjoy working with them.

How long have you worked in libraries and in Henrico County? 

  • I have worked in public libraries for fifteen years and in HCPL for five years, all of those in my current position at Dumbarton.

A fun factoid about me is:  

  • I’m a Henrico native.  I grew up in Henrico County and graduated from Henrico High School.  Class of no-way-I’m-telling.  Dumbarton was my family’s library from the day it opened, in 1976.

One of my favorite books is: 

  • She Walks These Hills, by Sharyn McCrumb.

One of my favorite web sites is:  


My preferred device is:  

  • My iPad.  It is so intuitive that babies or grandmothers can pick it up and start using it, without help or instruction.   

If you had to choose… fiction or nonfiction? 

  • Definitely fiction!

Some Dumbarton staff picks are:

  • Debbie, Crow Planet:  Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness
  • Joy, The Borrower
  • Kate M., The World Beneath
  • Lisa, Out of My Mind
  • Makeba, Sisterhood Everlasting: a Novel
  • Mike, Hemingway’s Boat: Everything he Loved in Life, and Lost, 1934-1961

My selected Dumbarton customer comment from our recent survey:

  • Your staff is warm and welcoming…They treat all individuals with respect. (I’m a psychologist, so I notice these things.)  I am currently unemployed and spend a great deal of time at the computers job-hunting. I’ve received excellent assistance, and everything I need is right here.  Your library serves a vital social function as a place people of all income levels can come and feel good as they strengthen, educate, mobilize and nourish themselves with literature and information.  Dumbarton is a happening place.  J  (smiley is theirs)

Last words:

  • If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and see us!