Meet The Staff – Varina Branch Library Manager

18 Jun

The Varina Branch Library Manager is Ms. Jean Burchill.

3 words to describe Varina Library are: 

  • Little but dynamic

Why is Varina Library great?

  • The staff makes your visit special with one stop shopping.

How long have you worked in libraries and in Henrico County?

  • 30 years

A fun factoid about me is:

  • I help run a Sci Fi convention each year.

One of my favorite books is:

  • Do I really have to choose?…  How about an author, Tess Gerritsen (at the moment).

One of my favorite web sites is:

  • If I can’t get it at the library, I go to Amazon.

My preferred device is:

  • I finally gave in a got a Kindle Fire and it has really grown on me.

If you had to choose… fiction or nonfiction?

  • (Oh,no,  don’t make me choose!!!)

Some Varinastaff picks are:

  • Skipping Christmas by John Grisham (Janis)
  • Split Second by Catherine Coulter (Diana)
  • Divergent by Veronica Roth (Jess)

My selected Varina customer comment from our recent survey:  

  • “The staff is great.”

Last words:

  • My staff and I are anxiously awaiting the coming of the new Varina library.  Standby for more to come. But don’t forget to visit us in our cozy little library today.
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