Library + Freegal = a great reason to wake up early on Monday

Do you like Monday mornings? For many of us it is a morning we dread. It’s not Monday’s fault…really. It’s just a day of the week. They can’t all be Friday.

In an effort to make Monday mornings more interesting to you we have teamed up with Library Ideas LLC. to bring you Freegal. What is Freegal? It is a free and legal (get it? Freegal) way to download music via the library.

How will it make Monday mornings more interesting? Well, the first 300 people that go to this site and enter their Henrico library card number will get a free song. Completely free! You can put that song on ANY digital music device and it will play. The best part is you get to KEEP the song! It doesn’t have to be returned. It’s yours.

Where does the music come from? Sony Music. That means there are lots of songs to choose from.

Want to learn more? We’ve made a quick reference guide that should answer most questions.

So, set your alam clocks a little earlier next Monday so you can get some new music.