Kite Festival

We had so much fun at last Saturday’s Kite Festival! I’ve never seen so many kites in the sky at the same time. There were kites of all shapes and sizes. Huge ones. Little ones. Elaborate ones and simple ones. The County gave away a lot of simple kites for children 12 and under. I picked up two for my kids and I can honestly say that they were very good. They were easy to assemble and flew easily.

Henrico Recreation and Parks did a great job of planning and executing a major event. They deserve a lot of praise! I’ve heard there were over 20,000 people there throughout the day! I don’t know if that is right? It could have been more! There was a long line of cars waiting to get in when I left at 3:00. Good work Rec and Parks!

We met a lot of people, gave away a lot of ‘magic’ pencils, and spread the word about All Henrico Reads. This was such a fun day. I’m already looking forward to next year.

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