Notable Henricoans

This year marks the 400th Anniversary of the founding of Henrico County. Named after Henry, Prince of Wales, it was founded in 1611 and was the second English colony in Virginia. The original Henrico Shire was very large and incorporated most of Central Virginia. To learn more about the counties that were once part of Henrico, take a look at this informative video made by our friends at Henrico County TV. They also made a great video about the history of Henrico County. Both videos are well made, informative and worth your time.

Many County departments have been busy contributing to the year long celebration. There are many free events planned to mark this historic year. One of the library’s contributions was the creation of a Notable Henricoans database. This database contains descriptions of over 100 people who have helped shape the development of Henrico County. The database includes people like Pocahontas, Tommy Edwards and many others. This database was the product of over a year of research by a small team of library staff and direction by the 2011 Commemoration Advisory Commission. They did a great job researching the entries, writing descriptions of the many people included, and designing the database. This was a great project for the library, and we are excited about the product.

Now comes the best part! The database isn’t finished. We know we may have missed someone so we’ve included a way for you to nominate someone for inclusion in the database. So take a look at the database, and if you think we missed someone, nominate him/her.