Twin Hickory Library

8 Dec
Twin Hickory Library

Twin Hickory Library

In 1992 we opened a new library in the Innsbrook office park. It served the area in two unique ways. In addition to being a ‘regular’ public library it offered businesses in the area a dedicated collection of resources. The Business Resource Center in the Innsbrook Library was the only collection of its kind in our library system. It was a well used library for many years.

As the population of the county grew, the Innsbrook library became too small to meet the needs of the surrounding community. The Twin Hickory Library took its place in 2007. This new facility is simply gorgeous. Many people compare it to a ski lodge and when it snows it really does look like one.

The community surrounding Twin Hickory is very diverse. There is a mix of people from all over the world  in nearby neighborhoods, Deep Run High School is right next door, and there are a few retirement communities too. This diversity makes things very interesting. Mornings are usually filled with children and families attending the storytimes. The afternoons are busy with students using the study rooms and tables to work on school assignments. Add in everyone else and you’ve got one busy library.

Summers are always busy and this past summer was no different. In fact, they added a new feature that I hope they will continue. The Summer Concert Series was a great success and many people attended the four shows they hosted. I was able to attend the outdoor concert with  Ban Caribe. There were a lot of people there and everyone had a lot of fun.

They also have a display case they put to good use during Banned Book Week every year. It is turned into a Banned Book Reading Room. The object of the room is to spark conversation about censorship and the freedom to read. It definitely does this.

The Twin Hickory Library is one of our Area Libraries. Like the other Area Libraries (Dumbarton, Fairfield, and Tuckahoe) they offer a wide range of services and materials. It is also one of our largest facilities. It may be a large library but it has a very warm and inviting atmosphere. This is a tribute to their great staff. They are quick with smiles and really enjoy helping the people who visit.

I was part of the staff that helped open Twin Hickory in 2007 and that was a great experience. So, please, forgive me if I come across as a little biased in this post. I really enjoyed working at this library.

Do you visit the Twin Hickory Library? Care to share any stories?

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