Tuckahoe Library

1 Dec
Tuckahoe Library

Tuckahoe Library

The Tuckahoe Library is one of our four area libraries, offering a full range of services. The current location opened in 2006 and is one of the nicest libraries I’ve ever been in. The original Tuckahoe library was located around the corner at Parham and Fargo roads. It opened in 1971 and was a fixture in the lives of many people.

This library has a lot to offer. There are (almost) daily storytimes, lots of computer classes, book clubs and a large collection of materials for everyone. They also have group study rooms, a great quiet reading room and a large meeting room. The meeting and study rooms provide a great space for people. They are used for non-profit organizations large and small to meet and discuss whatever they need to discuss. Their large meeting room was recently the site for a debate between candidates running for Virginia’s 7th Congressional district. All of our libraries have meeting rooms for people to use. You can even reserve them online.

The Tuckahoe Library Garden is a great outdoor addition to this facility. I’ve eaten lunch out there a few times and enjoyed watching the ducks and geese. It’s not uncommon to see people reading and relaxing there when the weather is nice. There’s also a drive-thru window! They won’t give you fries but you can return your materials and pick up anything you have on hold without leaving your car. This is a VERY popular service.

The people who work there do a fantastic job. Because it’s such a large facility, a lot of people work here. They help well over 1000 people per day with a very wide range of skills and needs. Whether it’s helping a mother find the right book for her child, helping someone with a resume or simply finding the bathroom, they are quick to help. I am always impressed when I visit. When so many people visit every day  it would be easy to lose the personal touch that is common in smaller libraries. That’s not what I see when I visit Tuckahoe. I see people having conversations and getting to know each other. This is what libraries are about. Getting to know people and making connections. It happens at libraries large and small and helps everyone.

Do you visit the Tuckahoe Library? Care to share any stories with us?

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