Municipal Library

10 Nov


Municipal Library

Municipal Library


The Municipal Library is one of the most unique libraries I’ve ever visited. It is very different from any of our other libraries for a few reasons. First, it is located in the Western Government Center/County Courthouse. That makes it the only library in the county to have armed guards at the doors.

Second, it is the only library to have an extensive legal collection. It has Henrico, Virginia, neighboring states, and Federal law on hand if any of our county lawyers need to reference something. It is open to the public, so you could do some legal research if you wanted, but the staff can’t give any legal advice and are not trained as lawyers.

Third, they work very closely with County officials throughout the year. During state legislative sessions they keep tabs on anything being debated that may relate to Henrico County. If something looks like it could affect Henrico, they pass along any information they have to the appropriate department. If any changes are made, they alert the departments to those changes. It makes for a very busy time for the staff there. That service is a great example of how the library is serving the people of Henrico County. By keeping our local officials up-to-date on the latest developments in the state legislature, they are helping them make good decisions for us. It’s no small task and one they don’t get enough credit for.

Because you’ve probably never been to this library, take a look at some images of it on our Flickr site.

The Municipal Library is a hidden gem of library service for the people of Henrico County. They don’t get a lot of attention and that’s ok. If you’ve ever been there you know they do some very good work.

Have you ever visited the Municipal Library? Care to share any stories?

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