Gayton Library


Gayton Branch Library
A different view of the Gayton Library


The Gayton Library is located at the corner of Gayton and Pump roads and has been open since 1988. It didn’t take long for the people of that area to make it one of our busiest libraries. They are busy pretty much from opening to closing every day. I have worked there a few times and can confirm that this is a well used library. It is part of the West End library service area with the Tuckahoe Area Library being the larger/lead library. They work together to serve a very large segment of the county’s population. Not an easy task but the two of them do a good job.

I visited there recently. I hadn’t been there in a while so I was looking forward to seeing them. When I walked in the library was active. There were people using the computers, reading at one of their many study tables, kids and parents in the children’s area and a line at the check out desk. The reference desk was busy answering phone calls and helping the people at the desk. And this was a Wednesday afternoon, before school got out. I spoke with the manager for a little while and he mentioned that this activity was pretty typical. It can get a bit noisy sometimes too. Especially after a particularly good storytime. That’s ok though. It’s part of being a smaller library.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Gayton Library is the atrium. Many people use this lovely area every day to sit, read, ponder and enjoy the sun. On chilly days it’s very nice. I’ve been lucky enough to find a spot there once or twice. Very comfy. It’s one of the parts of the building I hope will remain when they remodel. Yep! They will be closing sometime soon for a complete remodeling of the facility. A remodeling of Gayton was part of the bond referendum in 2005 that brought us the newly opened Glen Allen Library. I don’t know the details but will let you know when I do.There are some plans for the renovation located on their web page but I’ll give them to you here. They are preliminary and will probably change.  It’s very exciting!

Do you visit the Gayton Library? Have any stories you’d like to share?