Fairfield Area Library

27 Oct


Fairfield Area Library

Fairfield Area Library


A local author recently wrote two great posts about the Fairfield Area Library and I’m tempted to just let you read them and keep this post short but I’ll try to add a bit to what she wrote.

This library has the dubious (?) distinction of sharing a building with our administrative offices. They have shared this space since the building was opened in 1976. That doesn’t stop the staff from trying new things and serving the people who visit them in new and innovative ways. How many other libraries have music playing? Really. They began playing Christmas music a few years ago and people liked it so they now play music every day…not always Christmas music though. A few years ago they celebrated National Library Week with some very clever programming. There’s more but you should really come visit and see for yourself. One thing you can’t call the Fairfield Library is boring.

Since I work so close to them it was easy to ask the manager a few questions. I asked him if there is such a thing as a typical day at his library. He said there really wasn’t but they do similar things every day. Helping people with job searches and resumes are two common requests. (Last April, NBC12 did a story about how the Fairfield staff were helping people find jobs.) The most rewarding part of his day is knowing that he has helped at least one person. That is a common attitude among library staff across the county. We all enjoy helping people. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be working in libraries.

Did you know that they have back issues of the Richmond Times Dispatch going back to 1903? Yep! They are on microfilm. So if you are looking for an article from many years ago the Fairfield Library is the place to go.

As an Area Library, the Fairfield Library works with the Sandston and Varina branch libraries and the Bookmobile to coordinate library service for the East End of Henrico County.  That’s a lot of ground to cover and the four of them do a great job.

Have you been to the Fairfield Library? Have any good stories you would like to share?

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