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Dumbarton Library
Dumbarton Library

My first experience with the Henrico County Public Library was at the Dumbarton Library. I was a freshly minted Librarian and was applying for my first professional job. It was for the soon to be open North Park Library and the interviews were held at Dumbarton. I didn’t know much about Henrico so Dumbarton was my first experience with the County. It left a very positive impression. Of course getting the job helped too.

In its almost 40 years of existence the Dumbarton Library has been one of the first places many people have gone once they moved to the area. Sitting at the corner of Staples Mill and Hilliard/Glenside it is easy to find and hard to miss. The site wasn’t always a Library. It was the Dumbarton Elementary School for many years before it became a library. I’m told that the current children’s area was once a cafeteria. The staff say they occasionally have people who either attended or taught at the school come by and talk to them about what it was like. Of the many people who frequented Dumbarton throughout the years is the current manager. She was very young when it opened and visited a lot as she grew up. Years later she became a librarian and in 2006 and was happy to return to her “home” library as its manager.

It has been one of our largest and busiest libraries since its doors opened in 1976. It serves as the Area Library for the North Side of Henrico County. That means that it is the largest library in that area and works to coordinate library services there. The North Park branch and Municipal Libraries are the other libraries in the North Side. As an Area Library, Dumbarton is open longer hours, has more staff and a larger collection than the other two. They also offer a wider variety of programs.

During the course of a day many people visit the Dumbarton Library for a variety of reasons. Whether it is grabbing a bestseller, applying for a job, checking email or attending a storytime the Dumbarton Library has been an important part of Henrico County since 1976.

Have you visited the Dumbarton Library? Have any good stories you would like to share?