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Before I really begin writing I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself. Since I’ll be doing most of the writing, for now, I thought it would be good for you to know a little about me. My name is Matt and I am the Emerging Technologies Librarian for your Henrico County Public Library. Interesting job title isn’t it? It’s an interesting job. I’ve been in this position since March of this year and have been busy getting acquainted with my new surroundings and responsibilities. Part of my job is to coordinate the library’s social media presence on the Internet so if you follow us onTwitterFacebook or Flickr that’s me. It won’t always be me but it has been so far. Another part of my job is to try and keep current on new technologies and how they may affect the library in the future. This has been very eye opening. I’ve been learning a lot about eBooks and I must admit that they are fascinating. We will see where they go but they will affect how the library works. There are other things and maybe I’ll write about them someday but for now I’m going to focus on the library. One last thing about me and I’ll stop, I promise. I have worked 8+ years for Henrico County as a Librarian at the North Park and Twin Hickory Libraries before I got my current position.

So we’ve just started this site and have been thinking “What should we write about?” Well, something I’ve wanted to write for a while is a series of posts about the library. I was thinking it would be a “Get to Know Your Library” series. I’ll write about all of the different libraries, and some of the behind-the-scenes things that make the library work. I’ll begin with the Bookmobile and write my way through the libraries and finish up with Varina. I know most people usually go to only one or two of our libraries. I want you to learn about the other libraries in Henrico County. They are all great and offer fantastic service to their community.  So look for a post about a different aspect of the library every week. I hope you will enjoy learning about your library.