Summer Reading Club 2014 Prize Drawing Winners!

4 Sep

What a summer we had! There was music, science, games, crafts and lots and lots of reading. We had a lot of fun and have already started planning for next year. We’d also like to give special thanks to our wonderful Friends of the Library, the Children’s Museum of Richmond, Chik‑fil‑A, and Jason’s Deli, and Menchies who all helped make this year’s Summer Reading Club great!

By the last day of Summer Reading Club (August 30th) 5,119 people had reached their reading goal:

  • 3,248 Kids met their goal of 10 books read, hours read, or programs attended
  • 722 Teens met their goal of 5 books read or programs attended
  • 1,149 Adults met their goal of 5 books read or programs attended

Each participant who met their goal was entered into three drawings for great prizes like iPad Minis and gift cards. We just completed our prize drawings, and there are 33 lucky winners!

We are in the process of notifying all the winners directly. Congratulations everyone! If you didn’t win a prize, don’t worry, there’ll be another Summer Reading Club next year. It will be just as

This year’s winners are:

Systemwide Grand Prize Winners

  • Adults iPad Mini Winner: Ann S., a patron of Mobile Library
  • Teens iPad Mini Winner: Destiny R., a patron of Fairfield
  • Kids iPad Mini Winner: Shrouk Y., a patron of Tuckahoe

Branch Drawing Winners


  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Sara H.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Cayla R.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Tyler L.


  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Sarah H.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Ayman M.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Thomas K.


  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Vidya N.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Isabelle S.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Cabell P.

Glen Allen

  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Michelle S.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Carlos C.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Charles G.

Mobile Library

  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Louise T.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Kary R.

Municipal Government & Law

  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Joyce C.

North Park

  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Patti R.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Caleb H.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Parker H.


  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Mary S.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Bree R.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Lillian C.


  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Sally I.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Cassandra K.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Addy H.

Twin Hickory

  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Helen C.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Jenna R.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Aaron W.


  • Adults Gift Card (Restaurant): Haley R.
  • Teens Gift Card (Jumpology): Janea T.
  • Kids Gift Card (Jumpology): Wayne W.

Need homework help? We can help with that!

29 Aug

Online Databases

You can find lots of great information online, but how do you know it is from a source you can trust? We suggest using our premium online databases.

The library pays for access to these quality resources, which give you up-to-date information that you can trust.  All you need is your library card for access to thousands of articles from newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals.

Here are all our databases and our suggested databases for kids.

Ask a Librarian

Give your library a call; or email, text or chat with us via askHCPL

Getting (free) LIVE Homework Help from a REAL TEACHER

Homework Help

Teachers are available to help students in grades 3-12 with Reading, Writing, and Math using Literati’s Homework Help.

Click on the black “Homework Help” tab on the right side of the page, then enter your first name, grade level and subject to get started.

Consumer Reports Online!

17 Jul


Consumer Reports has been a go-to source for unbiased reviews on different products and services for a long time. It’s one of the most popular magazines in our libraries. Because it is so popular in print we decided to subscribe to their website.

You now have the ability to browse and utilize all of the options available at via our subscription. In addition to reviews you will find buying guides, video reviews, and more. You can access the site by following this link and entering your library card number.

We are happy to offer this new resource and hope it will help you make informed purchasing decisions and save you some money too!

Taiko Drumming!

1 Jul

Tweens and teens are invited to “get their drumming on” with huge Japanese Taiko drums. Tampa Taiko is a professional drumming ensemble and use drums that they made from discarded wine barrels. Audience participation will follow their performances. You will not want to miss this unique event!

Monday, July 7
6:30pm – Dumbarton
Wednesday, July 9
3:00pm – Tuckahoe
6:30pm – Twin Hickory

Help the Central Virginia Food Bank fight hunger!

1 Jul

20140630-02_FoodDrive_screen_f1During the month July, we will be collecting food donations for FeedMore’s Central Virginia Food Bank at any of our locations.

Please help the Central Virginia Food Bank feed children and seniors living in poverty and many others in need in our community. Visit to learn more about the fight against hunger.

Some of the most needed items are:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned Tuna and Chicken
  • Canned Green Beans, Corn and Peaches
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese
  • Hot and Cold Cereals
  • Rice

How much power do those appliances use?

27 Jun

Ever wonder how much energy your lamps use? How about your television? Your computer? Want to save some money?

We’ve got just the thing to help you do all of those things. It’s a Kill A Watt energy meter and we have over a dozen you can check out and use to monitor your energy usage.

Just plug the Kill A Watt into an electrical outlet then plug  anything you want to measure the power consumption of (TV, refrigerator, lamp etc.) into the Kill A Watt and use the thing you are measuring normally.

After a few days check the Kill A Watt’s display and write down the information you see when each button is pressed then it’s time to do some math. The Department of Energy has a good explanation of how to translate the information from the Kill A Watt into dollars and cents. The knowledge you’ve just gained may help you save some money.

Take a look at the video below for more about how the Kill A Watt works.


Want to learn a new language this summer?

9 Jun

Headed to a foreign country this summer and want to learn some of the language? Just want to learn a new language? We’ve go the resource for you.

Mango Languages is a great way to learn over 60 languages. They have a great system to help you develop the familiarity you need to be comfortable having a conversation in very little time.

You can use Mango on your computer or learn on the go with their apps for Android and Apple devices. And it’s free for you with your Henrico Library card.

To get started, follow this link, create an account (so you can save your progress), pick the language you want to learn and start learning.


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